Pentra-Guard Ext

Pentra-Guard® (EXT)
Exterior Surface Hardening and Protective Clear Coat

Pentra-Guard™ (EXT) exterior surface hardening and protective clear coat is specifically designed for protecting exterior hardscapes installations from unwanted effects of water and oil penetration, salt efflorescence, and/or dirt and grime build which up can easily distract and diminish their beauty. Pentra-Guard™ (EXT) is a clear “Inorganic/organic Nano-Lithium® micro-film that hardens, seals, and protects against moisture damage to enhance the natural color of exposed aggregate such as paver, bricks, stones and/or decorative exterior concrete such as stamped, colored and acid stained applications. The unique treatment is extremely low in VOC’s (less than 50 grams per liter), environmentally friendly and has a very low polymer/ammonia odor. Whether your surface must tolerate significant foot traffic, abrasion, or chemicals, our advanced, versatile, exterior treatment offers high durability and bond strength; resists staining and dusting and withstands - UV, abrasion, chemical spills and heavy traffic


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